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Set Up Events


When we were first approached, Set Up was only looking to change the way the registration worked on their site. After geting involved in their business model and revenue structure, this simple project became a rebranding of the company. The result was a new name, the creation of events graphics, a strengthening of brand prescence in the events, and the incorporation of custom photography.

The new site had an optimized registration web application along with event information and a great user experience. The functionality and ease of use of the site became a model to follow in the industry and increased event participation by 40% and sponsorship revenues by 100%. Likewise, the brand penetration and recognition achieved among the trathlon community made Set Up the #1 triathlon event organization in the nation.


Client: Set Up Events, Inc.

Agency: Kelly MarCom

Services: Site Architecture, User Interface Design, Front End Development

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Flash, ColdFusion, PayPal API Integration